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The 5 Best Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

We all have our health goals in mind. Whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle, or overall wellness, we all want to be healthier. But many people associate being healthy with having a gym membership, abs, and maintaining a strict diet – admirable yet slightly ambitious for someone searching for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Sometimes the best thing we can do is find small ways to improve our health, which we can build into our everyday lives. So, in honor of World Health Day, I’ll share the 5 best habits for a healthy lifestyle!

Wake up early

The 5 Best Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle
healthy habits 
wake up early 
world health day

There are several benefits to waking up early, such as being able to exercise in the morning, reading for 20 minutes, etc. In addition, when you wake up early, you are setting the tone for your day, which can help a healthier lifestyle.

If this task is challenging enough as is, try setting your alarm 30 mins earlier for a week and increase the time once you feel well adjusted.


The 5 Best Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle
healthy habits 
world health day

It’s hard to make changes if you don’t know what you need to change. This is why journaling is an integral part of becoming a healthier you.
When you journal, you are mindful of your actions throughout the day.

For example, what does your morning look like? What did you eat? How do you feel in the afternoon? How much caffeine do you “need”? Do you have a plan for your day? Did you exercise?
Focusing on what your current day-to-day habits are will help you better understand which areas of your life you need to bring focus to.


The 5 Best Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle
healthy habits 
world health day

Reading is a great way to lead toward a healthier you. It has always been the habit of highly successful people but did you know reading can also improve your health? Studies show that reading improves sleep, and cognitive abilities and even increases your lifespan! Don’t skip on this habit, it is one of the most important and valuable habits to adapt.

Add Don’t Restrict

One of the best ways to lead toward a healthier you is to add healthy foods to your treats instead of restricting yourself from having a treat. Using the “add don’t restrict method,” you train yourself to think of food differently.

The 5 Best Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle
healthy habits 
protein pancakes
world health day

Try saying,” this is what I can have,” versus “this is what I can’t have.”

For example, if you are craving pancakes for breakfast, how can you make that more nutritious?
You can go for protein pancakes, then add fruits and nuts to increase fiber and slow the rate of digestion to keep you full longer. Check out my favorite pancake recipe here!

Your breakfast is now more nutritious, reducing the need for restrictions that play a role in mindset and long-term sustainability. It will also make you feel better because you are more in control of your food, allowing you to enjoy the treats you want.


It all comes down to mindset. We can improve our health by changing how we think. Why is this important? Because our mindset determines our actions and how we feel.

If you have trouble focusing, try this out: Think of your health goals as your playground. What are you most passionate about? What can you do that is the most fun for you? Do you enjoy working out or playing sports?

One of my favorite things to do is play catch! My husband and I take our boys outside, and while they play, we throw the ball around. We burn so many calories because we are both trying to outthrow each other, run, and catch pop-flys! It’s also a great time as a family.

Becoming a healthier version of yourself doesn’t have to be a painful experience. In fact, when your health journey becomes a lifestyle, it’s nearly impossible to go back to the old you – you feel better, stronger, and more energized!

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