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The No-Fluff Mother’s Day Gift Guide

You’re here to figure out what to buy a special mom in your life, right? So let’s get into my no-fluff Mother’s Day gift guide!

The Self-Care Mom

The No-Fluff Mother's Day Gift Guide 
Mother's Day Gift Guide 
The Self-Care Mom

Bogg bag

This bag is perfect for moms who frequent a lake or beach, and they come in different sizes to fit your needs. You can spray it down with a hose, and it is very spacious. The con is that it is not insulated, so it’s not ideal for storing food during summer.

Rtic tote

The Rtic tote is similar to the Bogg bag as it is ideal for summer days at the park, beach, or lake, and it’s insulated, so it’s better for storing food. The downside here is that it zips, meaning you can’t overfill it because it won’t.


We all know summer means long days outside with spiked seltzers and light beer. So a Brumate in a fun color for wine or seltzer is always a good idea.

Wine opener and preserver

If you already have a hand wine opener, trust me, she wants a cooler one, and don’t forget a preserving system! You can keep it simple with a manual wine opener or go fancy with an electric one.

Trendy Beach chair and cooler

I love this idea because even though we tend to overpack for the family, we would still love to be cute and trendy.

Travel charcuterie board and wine

This is for the fun community gathering we love to attend. Bringing a whole charcuterie board might be overboard, so how about a travel board? Pairing it with her favorite wine and chocolates adds the perfect touch.

Coffee maker or french press

I don’t think I know a single mom who isn’t 65% coffee. Getting mama a fancy new coffee maker or french press will make her coffee dreams come true.

Water carbonator

When I lived in Atlanta, seltzer waters were always sparse; why not give mom a water carbonator! I would absolutely love one of these, and I’m sure most other city moms would too!

The Fashionista

The No-Fluff Mother's Day Gift Guide 
Mother's Day Gift Guide 
The fashionista

Designer bag

Need I say more? A sexy strap or clutch makes for the perfect date night.

Red bottoms

Are they comfortable? Absolutely not! Does she want them? Definitely! There are plenty of styles to choose from, so if you need help with design, head to her closet and take a peek at her heels. That should give you a pretty good idea of her style and help you choose.


Spanx has the hottest faux leather leggings that are so flattering! Don’t try to find them cheaper on amazon; buy the good stuff. Go for Spanx!

Babes with blades

There isn’t a single woman I know that doesn’t grip her keys like a mini blade in case of an emergency. Babes with Blades is a women-owned company with everyday items that conceal a blade for protection. They even offer throwing stars and batons! Practical and super fun.


Most moms don’t have time to get all dolled up for the day-to-day, but we want to look our best when date night rolls around. So getting a fun set or eyeshadow palette from Sephora will be a win.


Even the busiest of moms take time for skincare. But, of course, they value quality skincare, which is why I recommend the Cellproof Essentials Collection with the Cellproof Eye Cream. This line is loaded with collagen to help mama’s skin feel like a baby’s bottom.


Mother’s Day is a perfect time to gift jewelry. People often save jewelry for anniversaries or birthdays, but for me, a pair of beautiful hoops on Mothers Day too.

Nice apple watch band

I love my apple watch, but no one likes to wear them out on date night. On the flip side, you feel naked when you don’t have it. So try gifting a few attachments that can be switched out on different occasions.

The Fitness Guru

The No-Fluff Mother's Day Gift Guide 
Mother's Day Gift Guide 
The fitness guru

Yoga mat, straps, and blocks

This is perfect for both the experienced yogi and beginner! I also love having multiple mats in the house and car, so I always have a backup.

New running shoes

Active moms live in running shoes, so you can imagine how fast they get worn in. So a new pair is just what she needs, or at the very least, wants.

Lululemon anything

More specifically, lululemon leggings. You literally can’t go wrong with Lululemon leggings. It’s perfect for the gym, activities, or just running to the grocery store.

Book a massage and plan it out

Ok, here’s the thing, gift cards to get a massage are wonderful but go the extra mile! Book it, plan it, and get a babysitter if her kids are young. Have it all set so she doesn’t have to think about that. Otherwise, you risk mom not even using the most likely expensive gift you just got her.

Athleisure sets

Summer is coming, and active moms love a cute athleisure set! These two are so comfortable and fit like a glove. Mom needs them even if she doesn’t know it.

Beis Sport Tote

Have mom ditch the big purse or thin workout bag and give her the Beis sport tote. Talk about versatility! This bag can carry your yoga mat or fit a tennis racket. I’m obsessed, and your mom will be too.

The mom who has everything

Mom for a day switch

I did this with my husband once, and it was great! I literally asked him to be mom for a day. He thought I was crazy, but he quickly caught on to why I wanted to switch places for a day. He got them up and ready, got every meal and snack, changed every diaper, nap, and bath time, and put them to bed. I’m sure I’m missing a few other things, but you get the picture.

Spa day

It’s one thing to get a massage, but it’s another to get an entire spa day! So let her soak up the spa and not worry about anything.

Horseback riding lessons

There is something about horses that makes us feel like little girls again. They’re beautiful creatures and the perfect adventure for the mom who has everything.

Go shooting

Shooting is an experience and not for everyone but IYKYK. Personally, I love going to indoor ranges, and it’s something to do with friends, or with mom and her significant other.

Weekend trip

Get out of town, literally, go on a mini-vacay! Nothing beats a weekend getaway with either friends or significant others.

Cooking class

Cooking for the family is great but cooking a new dish for fun with some wine is an awesome experience.

Sexy photoshoot

I’m speaking to the significant others now. As mothers, we sometimes forget just how beautiful we are and what better way to remind mom than with a sexy photoshoot. Just make sure the photographer is a woman. Women make other women feel much more confident with boudoir shoots.

Make a basket

We covered many gift ideas, but sometimes we can’t decide on the perfect gift. In that case, try building a Mother’s Day basket! Include a few items from above with traditional gifts like chocolates, candles, bath bombs, and flowers. Flowers are always a lovely gift.

I hope this no-fluff Mother’s Day gift guide helped you find the perfect mothers day gift for that special mom in your life. Leave a comment below with your favorite idea!


  1. April 4, 2022 / 9:04 am

    Love the idea of booking a massage AND planning out time for her to go! I’ve actually been gifted a massage gift card and lost it before I even got the chance to go bc I had it so long!

    • April 4, 2022 / 3:22 pm

      Girl, same! I haven’t used a massage from 2 years ago because I can’t figure out when im suppose to use it lol

  2. Caitlin
    April 4, 2022 / 3:24 pm

    I love your writing style! This post is perfectly organized and now I have a ton of ideas for my mom 🙂

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