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Special interview with CEO April Spring!

Special interview with CEO April Spring!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!  I know so far I have had a wonderful start, since I woke up in my new pink button down lounge shirt and white lace boxers.  This thanksgiving is special to me because I have so much to be thankful for, but its also my first Thanksgiving without my family.  I cant say I wasn't bummed, BUT this year is also my first year in Atlanta, a new home, and first year I really started to pursue modeling and writing.  AND this post is extra special to me because it was my first interview with the CEO of an international company.  


The company is FOXERS and the CEO is April Spring.  I was lucky enough to be introduced to her while having a test shoot with Next Level Images.  I love meeting beautiful, strong, motivated woman and I was so excited when she said yes to an interview but before we start a HAPPY 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY is in order!  2017 marks a milestone in the Foxers brand so I feel so grateful for the interview and so excited for April and her company.  Congratulations and cheers to the next 10 years!   

1. I remember you saying the company is now 10 years old but at what age did you first fall in love with fashion?

I can't remember a day that I wasn't interested in fashion. Growing up I would travel way too far on my bike to hang out in a high-end boutique. Until my mother was in there with me one day and they all said hello to me. My mother said oh, you must be mistaken her for another person, we haven't been in here before. Well, I had been in there many times and helped straighten the floor and had a lay-away. Then when I was about 12 I started sewing with my mom. I LOVE Fashion design and all things architectural and creative. 

2. What is your most memorable moment in Foxers early life when you first started, did it have any implications on your target audience/buyers?

Probably when I hired the first models and had the first full photoshoot. My initial thought was the FOXERS band would show only if you bent over or sitting when needed. But the models came out of the dressing rooms with the jeans low and underwear show above the band because they didn't want to hide the cute band. 

Also, at my first show my buyers said we need tops to match. That was my first knowledge of how the customers drive the growth of the brand. 

Foxers Studio in Atlanta

Foxers Studio in Atlanta


3. What made you decide to make lingerie and loungewear your niche?

It was the lightbulb moment about putting the band on the underwear otherwise I would have not been in the lingerie business but an eveningwear and daywear brand.

4. If a young designer came to you and asked how to start, and you only had a few minutes, what advice would you give them?

Make your prototype; get it perfect; make a sample or two; photograph it and get it out there on social media. Sell it to your friends, family, etc. Sell it! This will let you know if there's a larger market. It will take off if you believe in it and others like the product. Think simple; it's not complicated. Product perfected; photographed; price; sell.  

5. This may be a strange question lol but while reading a few of your blog post I felt like we were old friends and you were telling me stories, how do you stay so connected to your readers? 

I love that! I always write and speak like I'm telling a story. I am an enthusiastic person when I like something, anything and I love to share great things with my friends. Thank you for reading my stories. There's so many more! LOL


6. Do you feel like lingerie empowers women? How do you feel while wearing lingerie yourself?

I love lingerie whether it's soft and cozy or once in while sexy. It all feels so pretty. I do believe it's 90% how the person feels about herself and 10% the material and design that can make you feel sexy but I hope FOXERS is a GREAT 11% to take you over the edge!

7. What can you tell me about the new Spring Collection?

We have some FUN! but a bit sexy and always comfortable collections and many new designs for our 10 year celebration. We are starting the year with Black Cherry a very dark luscious merlot color and then a pretty light English Lavender for March 2017. During the next 100 days we will be debuting 10 redesigned products or collections from our history since 2007.

8. What is your most popular piece?

It's a tie back in forth between bridal lace FXBXR colors to our fun color FXBB boxer briefs with pockets. 


9.  Is there anything coming up that you would like to promote?

The relaunch of the Denim boxer briefs and Rodeo collection launching this weekend! It's adorable. I will show you Wednesday. 

10.  Can you tell my readers how to stay connected with you ? | @FOXERS - pinterest/twitter/facebook | all day every day! 

...and now you can visit them on pinterest and buy straight from there! Yay, shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


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