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Surprise Baby Shower | A Winter Wonderland

Surprise Baby Shower | A Winter Wonderland

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A surprise baby shower? Yes, yes, yes!

The shower was very intimate, just the way I like it, and since I hit 8 months in December the theme was a winter wonderland.

I've always been a fan of gender-neutral colors so my friends decided to use gold, burlap, white and Tiffany's blue for my baby boy. Family from out of state came and surprised us further; the day was perfect.

If you are expecting I hope this blog can inspire your creativity.

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The original plan was to make sure I was cute before leaving to breakfast with my mom and husband, but I insist on making things difficult and scheduled a puppy play date at Fetch Dog Park and Ice House in Edgewood. It made a great distraction but I arrived in workout clothes and sneakers.

I loved seeing everyone pop out from behind the kitchen island. After greeting us with sparkling cider and champagne I went upstairs to change.


I think there is this idea that baby shower attire must be full or ruffles, floral or soft blues and pinks but that's not me. There is this saying I love to tell my clients - when you feel good, you look good and when you look good, you make things happen. So, I decided to wear my black fitted dress that showed off my bump and I felt great!

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My favorite part of our baby shower was that it wasn't a traditional shower in theme. With Christmas around the corner a winter wonderland tied into our current home decor perfectly.

If you are planning a shower around the holidays this made everything look cohesive and beautiful. Just look at that snowman diaper cake!

We had a delicious hot cocoa bar with cupcakes and cookies to enjoy after our morning breakfast, or in my case, Chick-fil-a after the dog park. We had the perfect amount of snacks; a charcuterie board, flatbread, champagne and sparkling grape juice for me.

Make sure to let your guests know its a sweets party, if that's your plan, so they know to have a small bite to eat before the party.

Baby shower games are a must; here are the ones we played. Some traditional and others not so much but all fun!

  • Can't say "baby"

  • Guess that baby food with a twist - since our mamas fed us as babies we fed our mamas. Oh, and did I mention we were ALL blindfolded… disaster but hilarious!

  • Drink up, baby!

  • Guess mommy's measurements

  • Scoop the snow AKA scoop the cotton balls

I also suggest finding a blank wall and decorating it as a photo booth to take all the cute pics for the day!

We live out of state and don't have family here in Atlanta but we still felt the love. I was asked to make an Amazon registry so that friends and family would have an easier time sending gifts.

A Huge thank you to all our friends and family that made us feel special at our shower. All the tables and chairs were provided by Atlanta Party Rentals for the perfect gift table set up.

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The biggest gift of all was having our baby shower be a surprise. Being 32 weeks pregnant, flying wasn't an option and during the holidays, people are busy. I didn't think my husband and I were going to have a shower. So if you are thinking of surprising someone I say do it because it was a very special day for us. I can't say thank you enough to everyone involved and we love you all.

I wish all the mamas out there a happy baby shower! I hope these photos provided you with inspiration for your special day or inspired you to surprise a mommy-to-be in your life. Trust me, they will love it!

With Love,


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