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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes....

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes....

A baby in a baby carriage!  My husband and I do everything at high speed, and I guess that means having a baby too. That's right, I'm pregnant!  As of today, I'm officially out of my first trimester; I am 14 weeks pregnant, just over 3 months.  A year and a half ago I remember thinking, I like this guy, and if I let myself we're going to date, then get married, then have a baby, and it's going to happen so fast, I just know it!  But the timing didn't feel fast, it felt right.  Joe once said to me, "So what, you want kids? I can do kids, in two years we can have kids."  Well, here we are, a little under two years later, having a kid. 


I've always heard mothers say they knew they were pregnant, even before the test.  I use to make fun of those crazy moms, but now I get it.  A week and a half before my missed period I bought a box of tampons and a pregnancy test.  The cashier was definitely wondering if I knew how the whole pregnancy thing worked.  

When I went home I took the early detection test; it came up negative, so I assumed I was wrong.  The next week, I started my period, but the next day it ended. I took another test, and this time it read positive.  I didn't know what to think, so I went back to the store and bought another box of tests. All positive - Mothers intuition had kicked in. 


My first month was surprisingly easy.  If it wasn't for all the tests and a trip to the doctor, I wouldn't have believed I was pregnant.  Joe and I even managed to have an awesome European vacation free of any first trimester symptoms.  

When I found out I was pregnant I thought, when are you supposed to share the news with others?  I can't contain myself whenever I'm excited about something, so I blabbed to my mom, brothers, best friends and of course, my husband.  

When I told my family I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I just pulled out the test that said YES and through tears said, "I'm pregnant."  They were thrilled and happy-cried with me; they've been wanting us to hurry up and knock out a baby.  

I was really nervous about telling my husband since I had already told him I wasn't pregnant - remember the negative test?  What if he wanted to wait longer? What if he was relieved that the test was negative?  However, I should have known I had nothing to fear.  One morning, at 8 AM I made him a Moscow Mule and through nervous tears said “hey, remember how I wasn't pregnant?  Well here is a test saying I am, keep drinking, please. Are you okay?” 

Much to my joy and relief, Joe was excited as I was!  We both wanted kids, and this was just an early Christmas gift. I blame the pregnancy hormones for the massive amount of crying that day.

As for telling the rest of the world AKA social media, I waited until now.  The chances of miscarriage are greatest during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy and for that reason alone, I chose to wait.  I was afraid of telling everyone and later having to share the painful news.  Its a little sad to think that way, but it helps save you from the uncomfortable conversations if something happens.  


My advice is to wait until you are at least 14 weeks, but some people announce before that because morning sickness and potty breaks can be an interruption at work.  Some wait longer and announce at their gender reveal party, which takes a lot more self-control than I have.  Then you have the Kylie Jenners of the world who surprise us all with an actual baby.  Announcing a pregnancy is very personal, and whenever you choose to do it will be a great moment of excitement for you and your loved ones.

Doing the announcements on social media along with a blog was therapeutic for me.  I’m a sharer and being able to share our interesting journey has been fun!  I love that we met in a bar with no history.  I love that we eloped after seven months of living together.  I love that we had an intimate ceremony in Thailand.  And I love that we started our family only 6 months after that! 

I learn something new about him and us almost every day. And every day I think, man I don’t deserve such a beautiful life, but I have to remind myself that I do.  I’ve been extremely blessed, and I’m so thankful for this little nugget inside me.  

13 weeks 

13 weeks 

This is an intro to what my world will be like from now on; the same excitement, but a lot messier.  I’m going to be a mom! I'll be going through another learning curve, and it’s going to be absolutely terrifying, yet so very exciting.  I’ve never been very consistent with my blogs, but now I have something I’m excited to share with you all.  I hope that you will enjoy this crazy journey with me. 

Enough of the sappy ending, enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for more blogs on being pregnant, becoming a mom, fitness, trying to stay cute, and the inevitable shit that's going to hit the fan - both literally and figuratively. 

With love, Frankie


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