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My Daily Routine | 18 Weeks Pregnant

My Daily Routine | 18 Weeks Pregnant

I noticed a trend in the questions I received from friends on Instagram.  Most people wanted to know if I was vegan or vegetarian, what my workouts consisted of, and how active I was on a daily basis.  So, I decided to write a blog about my daily routine - before pregnancy and now. It’s important to remember that a woman’s daily activity before pregnancy, to stay healthy, is almost always okay to continue throughout her pregnancy.  

Active life before pregnancy

  • I ran with my dog three times a day  

  • I went to the gym for cardio and weights four – five days a week  

  • I practiced yoga about three times a week 

  • I rarely ate meat and didn’t consume dairy  

  • I would intermittently fast, meaning I only ate between the hours of 12 PM – 8 PM.  

My doctor assured me that all these activities were safe to continue, except intermittent fasting.  However, he did say that because I didn’t consume meat or dairy, I had to get my protein other ways. 

Active life while pregnant

  • I now walk, not run, my dog three – four times a day 

  • I eat a little meat, but still do not eat dairy

  • I no longer intermittently fast, that is a hard no while pregnant.  

  • I go to the gym three – five times a week.  Each gym session includes cardio, weight lifting and about ten – fifteen minutes of yoga. 

The biggest difference between now and then is my daily workouts are a max of 1 ½ hours, and I give into my craving a little bit more.  I feel it is important not to deprive myself, yet not over indulge.  I do this by tracking every single item I eat and drink, no matter the size.  This means writing down every calorie and nutrient into a fitness tracker. Below is an example of what a day can look like.

Yes, it is tedious, but in the end, incredibly helpful.  By doing this, I know whether I have all the nutrients baby and I need before the day ends, while not exceeding my calories.  Because I track everything, I make healthier choices.  I also notice the way my body reacts to unhealthy choices.  I remember not to beat myself up if I happen to go over my allotted daily calories because that does happen.  I remind myself that I am growing a person and sometimes that person may want a cookie or two.  By tracking those extra cookies, I noticed I wasn’t making those cookies a habit either. I find that it is the small, conscious, consistent choices that are the foundation to an overall healthy lifestyle, even while pregnant.

Click here to find out how I managed my sugar levels along with those pesky first trimester symptoms. 

If you are a new mom that has heard, being active helps the overall pregnancy, you’re right!  If you weren’t necessarily active prior, start small with something easy to maintain during your first trimester.  Remember to not overwhelm yourself with a daily routine that includes all the above, instead pick one and roll with it for a month.  It takes 21 days to form a habit, and after you’ve developed a habit you can introduce the next activity without overwhelming yourself.


Good luck on your pregnancy journey, and hopefully my daily routine can help you find a helpful one of your own.

With love, Frankie


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