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How to fight constipation, bloat and hormones while pregnant! (First & second trimester symptoms) My Plexus experience

How to fight constipation, bloat and hormones while pregnant! (First & second trimester symptoms) My Plexus experience

Around 10 weeks, I knew I needed a supplement to aid my digestive system. Before pregnancy, I found probiotics to be beneficial but had safety concerns with taking them while pregnant. I did a lot of research before starting this now daily regimen, and learned that pregnant woman can benefit greatly from taking a probiotic.

Our hormone levels are directly connected to our sugar levels, which need to be carefully watched to avoid gestational diabetes. It is important to avoid having an overgrowth of fungus/candida because these bacterias can be passed between mama and baby. I also needed to find a proper prenatal multivitamin that covered my bases. After a few weeks of searching, I started my daily regimen with a company called Plexus.  Within a couple days of taking Plexus products, I started to feel a huge difference.

What is Plexus?


The most important thing to understand about Plexus is that it improves gut health and lowers fungus/candida in the body.  Hormone levels change as a woman becomes pregnant, and this can lead to an overgrowth of fungus causing a yeast infection.  Many women experience their first yeast infection when they become pregnant, if this continues closer to the time of delivery, bacteria can be passed on to the baby.  Even heartburn is a result of an over growth of yeast/candida in the body.  ProBio5 is the product that keeps all of this maintained and under control.


Balancing blood sugar levels is the best way to help balance your hormone levels!  Having balanced hormones will help the overall pregnancy and even breastfeeding, after delivery, by keeping your milk supply up.  It helps prevent miscarriages and postpartum depression.  Plexus Slim was designed to balance sugar levels, and therefore balance hormone levels, which help keep our mamas-to-be sane (ask my husband).


Lets talk about one of the more uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy - constipation.  Yup, we are going there.  The body releases toxins in four ways; defecation, urination, perspiration, and respiration, so if you’re constipated the body has lost its number one way to relieve itself of toxins.  This is a big problem especially with your new housemate, baby.  However, Bio Cleanse kicks this problem to the curb, and when taken in conjunction with ProBio5 and Slim, your body is operating at its best - meaning happy and healthy mama and baby.


The TriPlex includes ProBio5, Bio Cleanse and Plexus Slim.  Taking the recommended dosage of these three products will help gut health and reduce blood sugar levels, which will balance hormone levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, and of course less toxicity.


But does Plexus have a prenatal vitamin?

When I was researching a prenatal vitamin every blog and medical website said I needed to take something that included folic acid in its formula, as well as omega-3’s, but every pill I found was a giant horse pill or gummy.  I don’t have a taste for candy and swallowing pills is not my forte, so I did my research and found that Plexus had a multivitamin and supplement that covered all bases.

This brings us to X Factor and Mega X; their multivitamin and omega-3 supplement.  Thanks to its amazing bioavailability and patented aloe blend, X Factor is 300% more effective than other supplements on the market.  If a woman’s daily routine consists of Triplex with X Factor and Mega X she has the most complete nutrition plan for her and her baby. Remember to always consult your medical provider.

The question I hear most often is – is it safe to take BioCleanse if pregnant women are supposed to avoid cleanses? 

First, the name can be deceiving.  What BioCleanse does is help the body function as it is meant to by having three bowel movements a day.  Many people don’t fully understand that because a lot of people don’t have three a day and feel fine. What is regular to one person may not be regular to another, but that is what a properly functioning digestive system looks like if you are having three meals a day. 

To help ease the uncertainty let us look and the ingredients.  BioCleanse contains baking soda, bioflavonoids from fruit, and vitamin C which is very important to pregnancy and helps strengthen the amniotic sac.  This helps your body “detox” the same, safe way fresh air outside would or the same way exercising would.  This is because it delivers extra oxygen to your cells and is designed for long-term daily use. 

Plexus has helped me tremendously and is great for everyone, not just pregnant woman.  I am happy knowing I am taking every step to have a healthy body for my baby.  I hope this helps other pregnant women struggling with the same symptoms I had before I found this product.  Feel free to reach out to me for more information.  I have linked each product directly for an easy purchase.  If you are currently taking a prenatal vitamin, I recommend starting with the TriPlex.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Plexus or become an ambassador yourself where you can then receive discounts on all Plexus products. 

With love, Frankie

Remember that every person’s body is different, and it is important to discuss all supplements with your physician. 

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